Monday, October 26, 2015

Update from Goose

Well we're here in Hampton after a nice 2 day trip down Chesapeake Bay. The marina bar is rockin with SDR sailors however Salty Dog banquets and evenings start in the next couple of days.

Goose handled very well (all new sails help) - solar panels and wind gen keeping all charged. She's a fast boat- smoked a few larger boats on the way. Water maker working good. Noticed loose bolts on top of rudder post bearing so fixing that up with double nuts, nylocks and split washers. Now have powered wifi antenna (rogue wave) and router for harbour wifi plus Iridium sat phone and Redport Optimizer for off-shore email access. A few small projects remain for Goose crew. Ordered a small Engel fridge which will fit in cockpit locker. Also last minute purchase of a 10 foot Apex rib to replace the 9 foot beater - Lucy likes this a lot so she can assume her favourite bow cruising position.

Left my 4-Runner in Washington at Reagan airport for Fogger and Leslie's arrival and drive down here. Spot Connect tracker can't seem to get a GPS fix so a new one might be coming.

Rick Langille is docked right behind us on his giant Hylas 54.

Lucy has been to the vet in Annapolis and got all paper work ready for our visit with the USDA vet on Tuesday morning for final paperwork.

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