Friday, May 10, 2019

The May Long Weekend is fast approaching and if you haven't already heard, the ice is out...YAY!
Please join us on the Saturday evening of the long weekend to enjoy a spaghetti dinner and a night of socializing and fun!
I will be making both a meat and a vegetarian sauce again this year and we will have ceaser salad and buns as well.
If you plan to come for dinner, please shoot me an email with how many you are or comment below so I have an idea of how many to prepare for.
We have 28 paid memberships to date so a big THANK YOU to those who got on that quickly for us!
Any questions, please contact me at

Thursday, May 2, 2019

NYC 2018 Awards

Novice Boater of the Year - John & Vera Nicholson

Family of the Year - Ernest & Kristie Martens

Super Cruiser - Brent & Kathy Schwartz

Single Handed Sailor - Jim Fogg

Volunteer of the Year - Mark St. Denis & Don Lindsey

Racing Family - The Holm Family (Trevor, Keith, & Aiden)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Morson Race Results from Paul Gmori

I know everyone has been waiting, so at last here is a summary of the trip to Morson along with the race results!

The Morson race took place over the July long weekend. This is a fantastic race that takes the fleet out to some of the further reaches of the lake. It is a journey and an adventure and certainly one of the best weekends of the year. The race starts from MacPherson island which is on the North side of The Little Traverse Bay, and proceeds South into Big Traverse Bay, around Big Island to the final destination at Buena Vista resort near the town of Morson. This year 5 boats made the trip which was comprised of small crews of couples and families.

The fleet left home on Saturday and made their way South. The weather was sunny and warm and the winds started out light and built to a steady 8-10 knots from a Southwesterly direction. This provided an opportunity for a nice upwind sail towards Tranquil Channel. Passing through the channel, the fleet continued South and then East into the Johnson Passage taking them towards Tug Channel. At the end of this Channel is MacPherson Island, the anchorage for the first night. A casual skippers meeting was held that evening once all the boats arrived.

The next morning, the winds were light, so the fleet began motoring down the course towards Bear Island. The wind filled in along the way from the Southwest and the fleet began sailing up the course. Gathering just East of Hay Island, a start line was set, and the race was started at 12:00 pm. The fleet raced upwind to The Three Sisters, where they rounded the reefs and began reaching towards Mineral Island. The wind died off to very light and the boats slowly made their way toward Mineral Island. Riddari arrived first and set a finish line and the boats finished the race there. After that, the wind picked up allowing for a rushed sail towards the resort as a dark thundercloud followed the fleet down the bay. Everyone was safely docked before the storm hit enjoying and drink in the lodge as they watch the storm blow through. Buena Vista hosted us with a great dinner in their new lodge! Thank you to everyone at the resort for all their hospitality!

The next morning, the fleet awoke to a 22-knot breeze out of the Southwest with big waves rolling down the bay. One by one the fleet started at their calculated times with at spread of over an hour between the first and last boats. The boats tacked upwind into the waves making their way all the way up to The Three Sisters. From there, the rest of race was a close reach and then a downwind taking the fleet all way back to MacPherson Island where they anchored for the night.

The trip was a lot of fun, with great weather, great company and great sailing!

The results are as follows:

Since the course was shortened for the first race, a time-on-time calculation was used to tabulate the results based on the start and finish times of each boat. The second race was the full pursuit race and the results are based on the order of the finishes. This year we have a tie for 2nd place, and the tie is broken by the winner in the last race.

Morson 2018 Final Results

Final Score
Kitchen Party
Sloops Troops

RACE 1 Correct Times

Elapsed Time
Corrected Time
Kitchen Party
Sloops Troops


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

So there is no shortage of fun planned for this weekend!

Image may contain: drink and indoor

So there is no shortage of fun planned for this weekend!
We have our School's Out Caesar Party on Friday...please bring an appy to share! As always members are free at this event and non-members are asked to donate $15/per person.
Saturday has some boats heading to McPherson Island for the Morson Race starting on Sunday and if you want to get in on this there is still time! Just email Paul at!
There will also be some folks gathering at Sanderson Beach for a Canada Day Celebration. Should this location need to be changed due to weather we will let you know! This party is a super casual "bring something to share and BYOB" kinda party so stay tuned for more details!

Summer Solstice race results

Image may contain: text

Summer Solstice race results from Paul Gomori.
Light and variable.
Two Boats.
1. Loadstar
2. Borderline
Sorry for the delay, I had a nap on the deck so I had to find out what happened!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

2018 NYC Club Race Schedule

As mentioned, we really want to see more boats out for these club races so please encourage your dock neighbors to join in!
**Always subject to change based on extreme weather conditions or circumstances but pencil these dates in!**

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

So this weekend is our big kick off to the season!

Hello NYC Members!
So this weekend is our big kick off to the season!
Spaghetti FUNDRAISER Dinner will start at 6 pm. There will be a meat and vegetarian sauce option as well as buns, and salad. There will be non-alcoholic drinks for the kids but as always BYOB!
The Slam Dunks, courtesy this year of Northern Harbour, are set to start around 8 pm. THANK YOU GARY!
Additionally, your LOWISA 53 Commodore's, John & Steve, will be doing a draw for free LOWISA registration so be sure to get your name in!
DISCLAIMER: If you are not a member be prepared to explain to your new commodore why you aren't one at which time you will be encouraged to be one because really, no reason will be accepted as a valid one. :)
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Jen Hall
NYC Commodore

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

NYC Registration

Hello NYC People!

I hope that you are doing well and survived the never-ending winter.

Spring is finally here now and the ice is quickly coming off the lake.  Boats are being launched and the boatyard is busy with work and chatter and that means its time to think about the 2018 NYC Season of Fun!

The executive has a great event list planned for this year including some favorite past events as well as some new fun ideas and we want you to be a part of them.

I am thrilled to be your Commodore for the next couple of years and I would really like to grow our club numbers in this time.  So if you have friends at the lake who are always jealous when you talk about all of our NYC fun events please tell them to join the club.

The fun kicks off on May Long Weekend as always with a night of fun, food, friends, and great music so get registered today so you can join in.

Registration is now open on the website and fees this year are $100/boat as they were last year.  As always, PayPal is our preferred payment method as this makes life easy for our Executive but we will also be set up to accept membership fees on May Long if you prefer.

Remember membership in NYC is open to anyone who loves the lake and wants to enjoy the company of great people!

You do not have to dock your boat at Northern Harbour nor do you even really have to have a boat to join in on the fun!

I am looking forward to a great year and welcome any suggestions/ideas/comments that you have for the club's future!


Jen Hall
NYC Commodore

Friday, November 10, 2017

Fall Lift Recap

Fun was had by all the the NYC Fall Lift Social last week and in case you weren't there I wanted to let you know that I am your new NYC Club Commodore!
I am very excited to be taking on this new role and look forward to planning the coming year of events with the Executive. Thanks to Kelly Brown & Linda Strachan for doing a fantastic job over the past two years!
Please feel free to email me any of your ideas or concerns to
As always, NYC Club Awards were announced at the event and the following is the summary of this year's winners and honourable mentions.
Tag your friends so they know if they weren't able to make it!
Pictures of all winners with trophy's will be taken in May at Northern Harbour.
Novice Boater of the Year
Cory & Val Irving from Valerie Ann
Honourable Mentions:
Tim & Marielle Grant from Sooner or Later
Rob Eby...yes this is not an error as Rob has clearly forgotten how to read charts!
Family of the Year
Gord, Barb, & Jessica Parkin & Family
Honourable Mentions:
Ernest & Kristie Martins & Family
Super Cruiser
Dave & Gwen from Time Out
Honourable Mentions:
Don Lindsay & Christine
Mark St Denis & Monique St. Dennis
Herb Reif
Single Handed Sailor
Pat Ralph
Honourable Mentions:
Wade Glew
David Luke
Jen Hall
Volunteer of the Year
Paul Gomori
Honourable Mentions:
Kelly Brown & Linda Strachan & their Caribbean Bartending Crew
Racing Family
John & Rowena Berringer
Honourable Mentions:
Eric Vogan & Jill Vogan
Racing awards were also handed out but this post is too long so those will come later to keep you in suspense!
Stay warm fellow boaters!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall Lift Social November 3rd - $7:00pm

Our follow social and annual awards will be November 3 at the Winnipeg Winter Club starting 7 PM.

Tickets can be purchased via PayPal for $25. Cash bar.

These can be also purchased from the website by clicking on the PayPal button.  PayPal is our preferred method of payment as automates our tracking and reporting. However if you would like to hold tickets at the door to pay the traditional method please reply to this email with how many tickets you're looking for.

We are looking for nomination and suggestions for the following award categories:  Novice boater of the Year Family of the Year Super Cruiser Single Handed Sailor Volunteer of the year Racing Family.

A sample of our menu is below:

Passed Hot Hor d oeuvres:
-Manitoba Chicken Satay w/ red Thai curry dip
-Hot mini Chicken Wellingtons w/ mushrooms and Pastry
-Manitoba wild mushroom Tarts V

Cold Platter of Passed Canap├ęs and savories:
-Maple BBQ salmon with Saffron Dipping Sauce
-Cold Sliced Beef tenderloin pizza w/ herb cream cheese, chive oil red wine onions

Manitoba Carvery:
-Grilled Beef Top sirloin Carvery Station Served with Hand-picked wild mushroom Sauce Horseradish, Dijon mustard, and caramelized onions served with Dollar rolls and butter
-Platters of Antipasto platters w/ sliced Meats, pickles, and Manitoba Bothwell Cheese with Fancy Crackers V
-Grilled Mediterranean veggie Platters with Feta Cheese and Truffle oil V

Coffee, tea, decaf station Assorted Dainties, sliced fruit, and mini Cookies

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Witch Bay Pursuit Race August 19th 2017

We had a great turn out for the Rear Commodore’s Cup race to Witch Bay a few weeks ago - August 19th. The wind started out light from the South west and built slightly through the day. The race started by rounding Copper Island in the light air, catching some of the boats waiting for wind to round the island. The fleet then proceeded west and then south crossing tacks past Kipling and then between Scotties and Middle. Proceeding south upwind past Allen’s reef, the fleet then proceeded east on a long starboard tack between Railroad and Queer and down Andrew Bay. This long reach was just deep enough for a couple boats to launch their spinnakers and gain some ground towards the finish.

The final results were as follows.

Black Knight
Rebel 2
Scott’s and Water
Oh Boy

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Queen Island Race…courtesy of Dave Christianson

Once the spinnakers went up after rounding Slate, and Borderline and Black Knight established themselves as unassailable leaders, the seesaw battle back in the pack really began. Very light breeze downwind can test the resolve of the hardiest racer, but all crews kept their laser focus. Vindur caught and passed Aftica, who went low to stay out of the way of a hard-driving Auberge. In the middle of the pack, generously not using their a-sym to maximum advantage, was Kitchen Party.
Vindur was brilliant going south along the shore, finding wind and then heating it up toward Palisades and getting there first. But the other boats chose to go inside the 10 footer on the rounding and gained back some ground. Auberge then smoked it upwind, pointing like a Yanmar. They won the duel to round Whiskey, which gave them the honour of being the first to become completely becalmed.
As the wind proceeded to come from five directions before eventually settling on SE, Auberge and KP battled it out, until all but KP abandoned in the calm before a very large storm. Eventually, even the Vogans had to agree discretion was the better part of valour, especially with the highest mast in the surrounding fleet.
The rain was a great ending to a fabulous day of racing and camaraderie.
Final positions
1) Borderline
2) Black Knight
-Kitchen Party

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Morson Race Results

This year there were 7 boats that made the trip to Morson. The fleet departed from the North part of lake on Friday June 30 and made their way down to McPherson Island where they met for a skippers meeting at 8:00 pm.

The next morning the wind was very light and variable and there was some debate as if a race could be started. The first boats were scheduled to start early at 9:20 am to give time to make the 41 nautical mile journey around Big Island and up Morson. At the time of the start, there was breeze of about 5 knots so boats started the race. Most boats chose to sail the route to the west of Gardner Island and then crossing through the small island west of Bay Island. By the time the lead boats got to Bay, the wind had diminished to almost nothing and the fleet waited. The race instructions set a time limit of 3.5 hours to reach the first gate between Babe Island and Bear Island which is about 10 miles from the start. None of the boats got to the gate within the time limit, so the race was abandoned and the fleet continue to make their way out into the Big Traverse. At this point the wind picked up and everyone enjoyed a fantastic sail around Big Island and The Three Sisters reefs. Storm clouds followed the fleet threatening to descend upon them, but luckily missing them every time! The fleet arrived at Buena Vista Lodge around 8:30 pm to enjoy a buffet feast put on by the lodge. Fireworks followed to celebrate Canada’s 150th!

The next morning the wind was very light again and after some discussion, the decision was made to motor down the course until the better wind could be found. Dress Rehearsal made an early call that the wind would stay light and chose to head straight to the anchorage. The rest of the boats motored and sailed down the course in a south westerly direction for about 10.5 nautical miles, at which point a steady wind filled in from the west. At 1:30 pm the fleet started a race together between Tomahawk Island and the west side of the Mable Islands and proceeded upwind rounding Black Point. Boats traded tacks upwind to The Three Sisters by which point Kitchen Party and Misty had pulled away taking a strong lead. The two boats battled closely taking advantage of every shift. After rounding the Sisters, it was a close reach to Babe Island and boats held their positions with Kitchen Party in the lead followed by Misty and then Borderline. Spinnakers went up to complete the final 10 miles to the finish. Once again, the fleet split with most boats taking the route west of Bay Island and Misty attempting to gain some ground to the east. The boats finished between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm and headed to anchorage.

The Morson trip is always a great trip and fun weekend. Thanks to all who made the trip and thanks again to Buena Vista Lodge for being such great hosts! Final corrected results are shown below.

C&C 30
Paul Gomori
Kitchen Party
Beneteau 36.7
Eric Vogan
Goman 30
Chris Debicka
Fred Again
C&C 29
Bob Nuttal
C&C 30
Jim Fogg
Sloops Troops
C&C 32
John Beringer