Friday, November 10, 2017

Fall Lift Recap

Fun was had by all the the NYC Fall Lift Social last week and in case you weren't there I wanted to let you know that I am your new NYC Club Commodore!
I am very excited to be taking on this new role and look forward to planning the coming year of events with the Executive. Thanks to Kelly Brown & Linda Strachan for doing a fantastic job over the past two years!
Please feel free to email me any of your ideas or concerns to
As always, NYC Club Awards were announced at the event and the following is the summary of this year's winners and honourable mentions.
Tag your friends so they know if they weren't able to make it!
Pictures of all winners with trophy's will be taken in May at Northern Harbour.
Novice Boater of the Year
Cory & Val Irving from Valerie Ann
Honourable Mentions:
Tim & Marielle Grant from Sooner or Later
Rob Eby...yes this is not an error as Rob has clearly forgotten how to read charts!
Family of the Year
Gord, Barb, & Jessica Parkin & Family
Honourable Mentions:
Ernest & Kristie Martins & Family
Super Cruiser
Dave & Gwen from Time Out
Honourable Mentions:
Don Lindsay & Christine
Mark St Denis & Monique St. Dennis
Herb Reif
Single Handed Sailor
Pat Ralph
Honourable Mentions:
Wade Glew
David Luke
Jen Hall
Volunteer of the Year
Paul Gomori
Honourable Mentions:
Kelly Brown & Linda Strachan & their Caribbean Bartending Crew
Racing Family
John & Rowena Berringer
Honourable Mentions:
Eric Vogan & Jill Vogan
Racing awards were also handed out but this post is too long so those will come later to keep you in suspense!
Stay warm fellow boaters!

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