Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Summer Solstice Pursuit Race Results

A fleet of 9 boats turned out for the Summer Solstice Pursuit race on June 17th! A great turn out for a great day of racing! The first boat to start was Lode Star at 11:20:15. They were followed by Sanity about 7 minutes later. Vindur, Aftika and Dress Rehearsal started at the same time with Borderline starting just 45 seconds after them. Next started Blondie, Black Knight and then eventually Kitchen Party at 11:52:30.
The fleet started at the end of Pine Portage Bay and headed upwind into a westerly wind toward Scotties. There was not too much overtaking until the fleet rounded the North side of Scotties. The wind died down to very light compacting the bulk of the fleet to within a few boat lengths. A close reach allowed some boats to get their Spinnakers up and pull away from the fleet. Rounding Slate Island, Lode Star maintained the lead with Sanity not far behind. Following them was Borderline who was closely pursued by Black Knight and Kitchen Party. The fleet rounded Slate and Gaherty, and proceeded upwind towards Whiskey trading tacks on a shifty course. Kitchen Party loved this wind and proceeded to pass boats until they were closing in on Lode Star eventually passing them as they rounded Shannons. The remaining positions are held until the last rounding at The Hump where Black Knight and Sanity passed Borderline on the inside as they struggle with a Spinnaker douse.
Final positions are as follows:
1. Kitchen Party
2. Lode Star
3. Sanity
4. Black Knight
5. Borderline
6. Blondie
7. Vindur
8. Dress Rehearsal
9. Aftica - DNF

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