Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morson Race Results

Race 1 started on July 2 from McPherson Island. The wind was light from the southwest at the start of the race. The boats started the race with as much as a 1 hour spread between start times with first boats starting around 9:20 am. They tacked up the course towards the first gate between Babe and Bear Islands. The wind remained light and very shifty. The fleet tacked from puff to puff and found that boats that went to the left or to the right seems to gain. As the boats approached the first gate, the wind picked up slightly to about 10 knots providing some hope for the rest of the race. Unfortunately, it was short lived. As the leading boats made their way into the Big Traverse the wind died off to almost nothing. After a short wait a finish line was set just off Patty Point. The fleet continued to make their way to Morson with the last boats arriving just after 10 pm.

The second race started with a forecast for 10 knots of wind out of the South. And at the start of the race, the wind was indeed out of the South. The fleet reached around Pork Point, continuing on towards Village Island. The wind died here and eventually filled in from the North for a while and then shifted back around to the Southeast. The fleet rounded the three sisters and enjoyed a spinnaker run to the finish line set between Babe and Bear Island.

Following the race a few boats enjoyed a fantastic night sail into the anchorage at McPherson island only to be greeted by a swarm of fish flies. A nice mess to clean up in the morning!

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