Thursday, March 24, 2016

The new NYC Logo and Burgee

Northern Yacht Club (NYC) is located on beautiful Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario. This group of sailors, power boaters and house boaters share a common love for the lake and enjoy the more social aspects of lake life. "NYC has a very robust social calendar planned for the summer. All of our activities are themed around bringing people together in fun ways" says Kelly Brown, this years co-commodore of NYC. Social activities are typically planned every other weekend. They range from the hugely popular Icebreaker Social on the May long weekend and the always well attended Fish Fry to the Caribbean Night food and rum party. 

Every year the club tries to keep the best events and to try something new! This year, NYC will be hosting a 3.5 mile stand up paddle board rally from Queen Bay to 22 Foot Bay. Linda Strachan, Brown's wife and co-commodore says "this will be a great event! We're all going to anchor in 22 Foot Bay and have a couple of the larger power boats load up all the boards and participants and drive them to Queen Bay to begin the rally. The power boats will provide music, drinks and support in the event that anyone in the rally gets tired or needs help". 

This year we are also rebranding the club with a new logo and burgee design. What do you think of the new design? Burgees will be available for purchase early in the season.

NYC also plans several sailing races throughout the season and will be hosting this year's Manitoba Keelboat Championships on September 10-11. "Our small group of regular racers are very competitive and welcome anyone interested to come join them" comments Paul Gomori, this year's racing coordinator.

NYC's theme for the season is 'Love the Lake'. "It's our common love of the lake that brings us all together" says Brown, "We want to encourage anyone and everyone at Lake of the Woods, especially those at Northern Harbour, to consider joining our club. You don't have to race, you don't have to sail and frankly, you don't even have to own a boat, but you do have to love the lake and have a desire to share in a lot of fun experiences with a great group of people".

A complete schedule of social activities and races can be found on Northern Yacht Club’s web page ( or look for our new Facebook page. Our annual membership is very cost-effective and we also allow non-members to drop into any event for a small donation.

In summary, Northern Yacht Club members are an adventurous group of people who love the lake. We know serenity but also can throw and enjoy a good party! Contaact us at for more information.

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