Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Lift Nov 10th

Hi all Northern Yacht Club members! Let's wrap up the 2014 soggiest season ever at our annual Fall lift on Nov 10th, 6:30 pm at the Winnipeg Winter Club. Tickets are $30 per person with delicious menu prepared by Chef Craig. There will be a complimentary special cocktail for all, the NYC "SSS" - soggiest season survivor cocktail. Evening to include AGM, race awards and special fun awards to keep us laughing and thinking of sunny warmer days!

Tickets available on website, payment by PayPal which is preferred. Please respond ASAP if you plan to attend. Deadline to register is Nov 3.

We are looking for nominations for our annual awards. Please reply to this email with your suggestions.

Annual Awards:

Novice boater of the Year

Family of the Year

Super Cruiser

Single Handed Sailor

Volunteer of the year

Racing Family


Past Winners were:

2013 Novice Boater:  Vixen - John Tisdale                

2013 Family Award:  Reid/Spiece families and dogs
2013 Racing Family: Black Pearl - Jamie Welby and family

2013 Super Cruiser: Dreamboat – Rob, Chrissy Hawkins

2013 Volunteer of the Year: Sloop du Jour – Al MacKay

2013 Single Handed Sailor: Vera Steinberger - Snafu

2013 Race Committee: Not awarded


2012 Novice Boater: Kelly Brown, Linda Strachan – Contender

2012 Family Award: Victor and Robyn Goncalves – On A Call

2012 Racing Family: Stewart and Quin Anderson – Black Knight

2012 Super Cruiser: Mark and Monique St Denis – X-Ta-Sea

2012 Volunteer of the Year: Vera Steinberger - Aftica

2012 Single Handed Sailor: Don Lindsey - Fandango

2012 Race Committee: Kelly Brown, Linda Strachan – Contender


2011 Novice Sailor: James Welby – Black Pearl

2011 Family Award: Wade Glew, Susan Angus - Oh Boy

2011 Racing Family: Debicki Family – Misty

2011 Super Cruiser: Bob & Sue Webb - Blonde

2011 Volunteer of the Year: Dave Luke – Airwave

2011 Single Handed Sailor: Stewart Anderson – Black Night

2011 Race Committee: Rob Eby – Intrepid


2010 Novice Sailor: Mark, Monique St. Denis – X TA SEA

2010 Family Award: Lawrence, Heather Brownell –Rapture

2010 Racing Family: Keith, Carol, Aiden Holm – Auberge

2010 Super Cruiser: Wade Glew, Susan Angus, - Oh Boy

2010 Volunteer of the Year: Ann Peikoff – Deja Blue

2010 Single Handed Sailor: Paul Moorey – Swordfish

2010 Race Committee: Blair Magnus – Grand Cru


2009 Novice Sailor: Ed Walker and Lynn Foley - Signe

2009 Family Award: Wendy, Blair, Peter, Ann Magnus - Grand Cru

2009 Racing Family: Ian Kelly, Carol Ann and Dana Kjartanson - Raven

2009 Super Cruiser: Dave and Nicole Luke - Airwave

2009 Volunteer of the Year: Paul Moorey - X-TA-SEA

2009 Single Handed Sailor: Roland Demarcke - His Nibs

2009 Race Committee: Blair Magnus – Grand Cru


2008 Novice Sailor: Bill and Yvonne Thompson

2008 Family Award: Peter and Anna Fuller

2008 Racing Family: Wendy and Blair Magnus

2008 Super Cruiser: Dave Christianson and Vera Steinberger

2008 Volunteer of the Year: Rob Eby

2008 Single Handed Sailor: David Luke

2008 Race Committee: Rob Eby


2007 Novice boater of the Year - Paul Gomori

2007 Family of the Year - Rod and Vivian Boychuk

2007 Super Cruiser - Paul van Gils/Lynne Matthews

2007 Single Handed Sailor - Rob Eby

2007 Volunteer of the year - Arinie Moss

We need your help: If you are invested in helping with the Northern Yacht Club Executive please reply to this email. Happy to answer any questions you have.

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