Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morson Race Results

With the exception of Knock Out, the Morson fleet met up at Macpherson
island, where we anchored in the bay we visited on Day 2 of Lowisa.  We
needed the shelter as the winds were big and building by Saturday night.

The race started Sunday morning at the southern entrance of Tugboat
channel with a strong wind on our nose.  I doubt anyone started without
at least one reef.  In sum: huge winds (it hit 40 knots by the time we'd
rounded the south end of Bigsby) and classic Big Traverse swell, a
grueling upwind sail followed by a great downwind sprint to Morson, all
boats finishing within an hour of one another.

Knock Out
Kitchen Party (dnf: KP was in 2nd place 2 miles out of Morson and, other
than not finishing, sailed a great race)

We saw a fair bit of flood debris, including a few dead heads, but as
far as I know no one reported any serious collisions.

Monday's race back was cancelled by consensus.  A good thing because the
winds were likely stronger.  Most of us elected to start for home on the
northern route north of Painted Rock.  Borderline and Misty left around
noon and still made it to Queen Island by sunset.

The folks at Morson were once again extremely accommodating.  Even
though the storm knocked out their power for the evening, they still
succeeded to feed us soup and sandwiches and home made pie.  Rick Gates
has offered to get a trophy for next year's second annual Morson Cup.

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