Thursday, May 29, 2014

Phil L'Heureux Bay

There is an anchorage on the lake that gets visited a lot by boaters. It's a terrific bay, triangular in shape, with beautiful shoreline and a point that is ideal for social functions. It's pretty much a regular visit for LOWISA every year too. Nobody knew about this place until a few years ago (OK, quite a few years ago) when Phil L'Heureux (a past LOWISA Commodore who is no longer with us) discovered it. He really liked the small island in the bay where he took his dog for visits. 

Phil being Phil also liked to have bonfires on this little island in the bay with those of us who anchored there with him. He once lost a pair of his sunglasses on the island and for a while we called it Serengeti Bay in honour of those glasses until he found them there a year later. Since then we have called it "22 Foot Bay" because the chart shows multiple 22 foot depths (perfect for anchoring). Fred Finlayson and I talked late last summer about renaming the bay after Phil. 

Well, it's done - from now on the bay is called Phil L'Heureux Bay. Those of you who were fortunate enough to know Phil will know why its a great way to remember him.

Bob Webb
Commodore LOWISA 49

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