Monday, February 24, 2014

2013 Year in Review

After that slow start to the summer we are all very grateful to the efficiency of Garry and his team to get so many boats dropped into the water in record time. May was fun with the Perpetrators to kick off the dancing. Thanks to Bob McDonald for organizing the band & to the lobsters for raising funds for the kinsmen of Kenora at the great Spring Fever party.

Thanks to Deanna for the kids rock party which looked far more entertaining than buffing hull sides that week end.

Beer and brats night was followed the next day with the fire safety day. We thank Vera for organizing the firemen and our chance to put out fires in the parking lot. I am sure that you will all think of saucepan lids if you should ever have a fat fire to battle and be a tad more aware of the health of your fire extinguishers both on the boat and at home.

Thank you yet again to the Hall family for the Cancer care night and all the cooks who showed Gordon Ramsey that he should be worried.

Several groups had get togethers for Canada day week end. The Deadbrooke fishing group put on an amazing fish fry.

Arnie and his gang as always put on the best Fish and chips. This raised $400 for the club. Hugs and kisses to Arnie and Lillian for your generosity and enthusiasm.

Vera, Ann and Sally whipped up Taco stuffing's and there was a make it yourself taco night. Thanks to Laurie and Deb for the lone of their mega margaita mixer. Margs do go down better when you cant smell gasoline and your ears aren't ringing from the noise of the club blender.

Thanks to  Buck-swashling; Dale and Eleanor for the boat naming party, the champagne and flying in mermaids for the event.

Big Thanks to Robyn and Victor for the cooking competition with Pampered Chef. We had some good laughs, speed chopping salsas and enjoying their margaritas and fabulous appies.

Thanks to the Debecki  family for a great Lowisa. We loved the adventure and the chance to get to know the great people at the Buena Vista club at Morson. We are all looking forward to the Webb adventures for Lowisa 49.

Bob and Rob gave members a chance to travel the world of rum, with a tasting night.

Thanks as always to all the good elves cleaning crews who just get it done that night or the morning after, any of our events. Thanks to Barb Hall who launders the mass of tea towels after the events. Thanks to the members for all the flowers and watering, those that remember to wind down the umbrellas to try to make them last 1 season, clean the BBQ and put the covers on to help the longevity of the clubs investments.

Thanks to Vivian and Rodney for kid activity organizing and for picking up the new water trampoline.

Frock party was to come dressed as a cocktail which was at Hidden Bay on the September long Week end. There were a few Bloody Caesars, Dark & stormy, Singapore Slings, zombies, Tequila sunrises, white cloud, white wine spritzer, cosmopolitan, champagne cocktail, Bahama mama, and a Heineken to name a few.

Thanks to Stewart for doing the books and taking care of racing details, Rob who deals with the website, Kelly Brown the incredible photographer, Fogger who specializes in A dock sleep deprivation, Freddy who became a rapper this July with " there was a man from Nantucket", Mark and Don who run the fishing camps, The Moseys who get the Saturday morning walkies going and for all the enthusiasm to just enjoy each other, the lake, the boats and this great part of life.

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