Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Results from the Safety race:

First - Tie between Black Knight and Grand Cru (see note below)
Third - Kitchen Party
Fourth – Sanity (first for the Silver Fleet)
Fifth – Rambunkshush (second for the Silver Fleet)
Sixth – On A Call (Third for the Silver Fleet)

It is difficult to get a tie in sailboat racing, therefore a description is in order.   It was an exciting last ½ mile with Safety turns, spinnaker sets and douses, overlaps, and rules calls between boats.   With 50 meters to go, Black Knight had the inside lane with ½ boat length lead, but Grand Cru had more speed.  As the overlapped boats’ noses were turned  down to cross the finish it was too difficult to say who crossed first.  If we had specified finish line between the edge of the island and the buoy, Black Knight had the advantage, and if we had specified the point on the island closest to the buoy, Grand Cru had the advantage.   Needless to say, lots of fun for the kids …. and the adults.

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