Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Craig & Ross Youth National Sailing Championships, hosted by the Gimli Yacht Club

The Craig & Ross Youth National Sailing Championships, hosted by the Gimli Yacht Club, was a great success and many compliments have been sent to the sailing office from people all over Canada! To quote a parent from Ontario: “This club offers so much space to leave and launch boats, the volunteers are friendly and organized and the meal service is spectacular. It puts CORK to shame” CORK (Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston) is organized by many experienced volunteers at a full time office, so kudos to everybody at the Gimli YC for their commitment to make this the best event possible! It was a great team effort.

The on-water part of the regatta was covered by 61 volunteers (26 from Gimli YC, 8 from other clubs in Manitoba, 13 from out of province clubs, and 14 from the Cadets). The on-shore duties were covered by 32 volunteers from Gimli YC. The work of the kitchen crew and the grounds and equipment people was fantastic! The free gas was a nice touch and much appreciated by all coaches.

Last year, Sail West was nominated as Regatta of the Year, and many coaches from other provinces have already indicated that they will put forward for another nomination. Gimli Yacht Club can be proud of putting on such a great event that is being recognized as one of the best of the season!

We would like to thank all volunteers for dedicating their time, and we appreciate all the work you put in to making this event a success! We want to especially thank the co-chairs and all the committee chairs for the hard work they put into the planning and organizing of the event. If it weren’t for them, the event wouldn't have run as smoothly as it did. Congratulations!

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