Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boat Shoe Sale At the Club Swap and Shop. Sunday May 20th; All profits go to the club.

I have brought in a few cases of Boat shoes;

As a podiatrist I have been frustrated at the lack of support most women’s sailing shoes offer. The women’s selection have been chosen because they make your butt look shapely ( OK I made that up), will make your feet and knees happy and look hot! There is a limited supply and I have already sold 4 pairs to Gimli sailors who loved them. I hardly had them out of the box! I have Dansko; approved by the American podiatric association, some Timberland and Merrels. They all have removable foot beds and if you do have sore feet or legs, I’ll do my best to help you with choices. One brand has been made to remain odour free and should not mould in damp places. I brought in several in large sizes as these are particularly hard to find at boat shows or in town. I have regular, wide and narrow. Arrive early if you don’t want to be disappointed.

For men; I have a limited supply of Sperrys; Sandals, thongs and slides. Sorry fellers I did not bring in shoes for you as you enjoy a much better selection in town or at boat shows.

I have one pair for a lucky kid who fits them; Timberlands; youth size 2 ½.
Sally Snafu.

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