Sunday, February 26, 2012

Propane powered outboard, 2 ½ and 5 HP

Lehr is a company that patented the use of propane canisters to fuel small engines, and has introduced the first propane fueled outboard engines. The first two Lehr engines are 2.5 hp and 5 hp. The Lehr outboard is powered by propane from many sources big and small, including the small green BBQ bottles. The picture shows the bottle inserted into the outboard.

With zero evaporative emissions and no winterization needed, Lehr makes sure some boaters never need to carry gasoline aboard. If you have a diesel engine, you may still need some gasoline for the outboard, but with this invention, just grab a few extra bottles of propane from your BBQ.

At the recent Miami boat show the Lehr outboard, won an Environmental Award taking Green Product honors from West Marine and recognition from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Innovation Awards

Claims are that the The 2.5-HP model will run wide open (4,000 rpm) for about an hour on a small camping gas canister. At 3,000 rpm and you can hope for more than double the run time. A 20-pound propane bottle will power the engine for over 2 days.

Price for the 2.5-horsepower model will be just under $1,000, and about $1,600 for the 5-horsepower engine.

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